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Lyme Disease Information From A Chronic Lyme Victim!

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Stop Lyme Disease!

My name is Perry Fields and I’m an athlete and Lyme disease “survivor.” What I mean by surviving is that I not only got over the effects of Lyme disease, but I’m beginning my professional sports career again because that’s how healthy I’ve become.

I had chronic Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I was diagnosed two years after I was bitten by a Lyme disease carrying tick! I spent four years fighting Lyme disease and for two of those years I thought I was going to die from it.

Lyme disease is a debilitating bacteria that comes from ticks carrying the disease. Most often these ticks carry “co-infections” of other diseases. It is often thought that even mosquitoes and other insects can carry Lyme disease as well.

(To discover more about What is Lyme Disease? go here.)

Lyme disease is simply not studied enough. I believe, as do many other researchers and medical doctors who specialize in the treatment of Lyme disease, that it will become an epidemic. Mothers can pass it on to their unborn children and since Lyme disease even hangs out in the skin of its victims, it is believed that people can pass Lyme disease to each other through human contact.

Even scarier is the fact that Lyme disease can be treated pretty much successfully when it’s diagnosed and treated immediately! But this is often not the case. The ticks that carry Lyme disease are hard red ticks, which can be so small you won’t even notice them on your skin. Most people who are bitten and get Lyme disease don’t even know it. (To discover more about Lyme Ticks, go here.)

These people eventually get sick and are usually misdiagnosed with “MS, Parkinson, Neurological problems or they are just told they “are crazy.” I had one doctor tell me that he didn’t think I could get Lyme disease in South Carolina! Those infected may be sick for years and years and may eventually die prematurely from all of the after effects of the disease slowly invading their cells and taking over all metabolic functions.

Lyme disease is everywhere there are deer, because deer are the main carriers. Even your pets can get Lyme disease because of the ticks that “take a ride” on these traveling deer. That’s why it’s important to keep up with your pet’s anti-parasitic application.

Lyme treatment is grim. In fact, the treatment of Lyme disease is so poor most people never get over their Lyme Disease symptoms or the harsh treatment used to try and “control” the disease. (To learn more about Lyme Disease Treatment, go here.) I personally have a lot of great information about Lyme disease treatment and this is why…..

As of February 13, 2009, I ran one of the fastest times in the nation for the 1600m. Medical professionals are dumbfounded by my resurgence. I even had one Lyme specialist in North Carolina test me for testosterone (and guess who picked up the tab?)

These are my thoughts on Lyme disease treatment. I believe most people are totally screwed if they go see a regular doctor who has very little to no knowledge about Lyme disease. Most doctors will not even test you for Lyme disease.

Even the conventional medical professionals who specialized in Lyme disease made me feel like a “test subject” because there is NO exact science on beating Lyme disease.

I was given this drug and that drug until I became so sick I thought I would never be the same ever again. It was a real bummer. I cannot even verbalize the depression, anxiety and anger I had during this time in my life. How could this strong female athlete be reduced to the feebleness of a 100 year old?

At one point I was close to asking my mother to commit me because I had no control over my actions. To this day I don’t know if it was depression or it was from Lyme disease (because it can hide in soft tissue in the brain, literally making one crazy.)

Oh, but I wasn’t about to give up. During those 4 years I went on this enormous search to get the “Lyme cure.” I did everything humanly possible (even to the point of experimentation on myself.) I would not take “NO, we can’t help you” for an answer. I simply continued my quest.

The result is my doing something that was deemed close to impossible. I’m not only healthy…I’m healthier than I was before I was bitten. (No kidding!)

This is one SERIOUS Lyme disease success story.

Throughout my journey with Lyme disease I met a lot of people with Lyme. Most are negative and angry and this is totally understandable. They feel like their doctors have given up on them or they are some “test subject” given drug after drug to fight this invisible infection.

I still don’t know many Lyme disease victims (if any) who have really defeated the disease, so this is why my story is so important.

I have met a few people with chronic Lyme disease who are back to their “normal” lives. Chronic Lyme disease is when the disease was not treated immediately and therefore the illness becomes “chronic” and since most people don’t catch it, it’s safe to say most people who have Lyme disease have it in chronic stage!

Living a “normal” life was my goal when I fell so ill to Lyme disease. I wanted to be able to fix myself something to eat, drive somewhere if I wanted to, maybe go on walks, etc.

But it’s now 2009 and yes, I missed the 2008 Olympics, but my quest to keep getting healthier and finding any means necessary to conquer this illness has gotten me way beyond living a “normal” life. Through conventional and mostly UNCOVENTIONAL methods to beat Lyme disease, I’m back to training. (To learn more about me and my story with Lyme, go here.)

It’s believed that hundreds of thousands of people get Lyme disease every year and I believe it’s in the millions.

It’s not just hikers or gardeners who can get Lyme disease. Someone walking through their yard to get into their car to drive to work can be bitten in an instant.

If you think you have Lyme disease it’s important to know that if you want to conquer it, it CAN BE DONE, but you have to make yourself the expert. Do not rely on medical professionals to tell you everything because they simply don’t know.

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If you haven’t contracted Lyme disease, but want to know more about it or if you know someone who does have Lyme disease, send them to this website and let them know there is hope!

And lastly, if you’ve been bitten by a Lyme tick or suspect you have, go immediately to a doctor who can give you a Western Blot (Lyme disease test) and/or prescribe you a quick course of antibiotics that are routinely used to knock it out quickly. Don’t play around!

Lyme Disease and other tick borne illnesses are rountinely misdiagnossed! Demand a test!

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